The duplipark® construction system has been developed within the framework of the PSLV (Highly -Ventilated Car Parks) regulation.

The construction system uses a network of specific columns mounted on steel bases and embedded in the beam/floor system, allowing significant optimization of the total weight of the material used, and therefore the cost of the structure.

This system can be adjusted to constrained or difficult-to-access areas. It offers architects a great freedom of choices and is available in a full range of car parks, from G+1 (no foundations) to G+X (expandable), long span and custom-made ones.

The visual lightness of the duplipark® structure allows it to blend well with the surrounding environment, and makes it easily adjustable to the town-planning regulations applicable to the site.

Duplipark® is compliant with the provisions of the Decision dated June 25, 1980, complemented by the Decisions dated May 9, 2006, June 26, 2008 and September 24, 2009, approving the general provisions of the safety regulation to counter the risks of fire and panic in establishments open to the public (covered car parks - articles PS1 to PS43).