Car parking capacity is paramount to any commercial activity, from supermarkets to car dealers. The increase in turnover or parking capacity in peak times can be hampered by an insufficient number of parking spaces, which may lead to the loss of some of the customers.

Duplipark® is committed to working side-by-side with you to bring an extension solution for your car park which best suits your situation, from feasibility studies to turnkey construction projects.

From within our range of products, we adapt the duplipark® version which is the most suitable for your particular situation. The choice of product and its adaptation are made to meet your requirements for receiving customers, to optimizing costs and construction time, and mainly to setting a works schedule that minimizes the loss of spaces during installation. You can choose the type of finish to implement: commercial façade offset and display of your brand, display of special offers, or vegetated walls.

The various possible structures are detailed under the Product Lines tab.