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How long does the installation of a Duplipark take?

We complete the on-site installation in 2 to 3 months according to the size of the car park. The construction components are made in factory, which helps reduce the installation time considerably. On request, we can organize “extra-fast” installations over a week, by night.

Can the spaces of the car park be used during installation?

We can set a phased works schedule so that the maximum number of parking spaces of the existing park can be used during installation.

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Is it a good solution in terms of architectural integration?

Duplipark is the best car park solution that integrates in urban environments, due to its reduced height and the transparency of its frame components. The structure can be adapted to the land configuration and allows the building of hoppers or any other desired architectural variation. The structure can have any type of cladding.

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What are the environmental advantages of Duplipark?
  • The steel used comes from recycled and recyclable steels
  • Optimization of materials = less transportation and less trucks
  • Cost reduction allows investing in “green” solutions and in landscape integration
  • Practicable options of solar roofs, charging stations for electric vehicles, or car-sharing spaces
What is the lifespan of a Duplipark ?

The Duplipark® structures are permanent like any other standard construction and do not have an expiry date. The use of galvanized steel allows having a structure that maintains its physical characteristics over time.