Landscape and Town Planning Integration

  • Duplipark® offers architectural flexibility and is adjustable to any type of urban environment.
  • Duplipark® structure gives an airy visual effect.
  • Duplipark® facades can be covered with wood, vegetation, or any other type of cladding systems.


Simplicity and Promptness of Installation

  • A single contact point on site: DUPLIPARK® coordinates all types of general contracting works.
  • Generally, a complete onsite installation takes no more than 2 to 3 months.
  • Your users do not have to face dust or noise nuisances. The components are shaped in factory and a team of 5 persons is sufficient for the installation.


Availability of Spaces During Installation

  • Construction is carried out in phases to minimize the loss of spaces for users.
  • Users can park their cars under the structure as soon as the frame is installed for each phase.

Site Works


Cost Reduction

  • Material savings result in a substantial reduction of the construction costs.
  • In the G + 1 projects, the absence of foundations allows additional savings.
  • The short duration of site works and the rapid availability of spaces reduce losses due to site works or the costs of temporary movement of spaces.


Environmental Compliance

  • Duplipark® allows an increase in the capacity of park-and-ride facilities and in the use of public transport.
  • The steel used comes from recycled and recyclable steels.
  • Optimization of materials = less transportation and less trucks.
  • Cost reduction allows investing furthermore in “green” solutions and in landscape integration.
  • Practicable options of solar roofs, charging stations for electric vehicles, or car-sharing spaces.


Structure Development

  • Possibility of adding more levels in the future (patented design).
  • Possibility of extending the structure.
  • Dismountable and reusable frame components.

Duplipark® Product Lines.