The creation and the management of car parking capacities have become increasingly important for the urban communities. All public services have to cope with the constant increase in the number of citizens wishing to access activity centers with their private vehicles.

This issue leads to the creation of underground or multi-storey car parking spaces and to the development of suburban Park & Ride facilities allowing storage of vehicles outside the centers by promoting the use of public transportation.

Travel and inter-modal transport system policies govern the creation of these car parks, which become fundamental town planning tools. The quality of the structures and their consistency with the spaces surrounding them are paramount, and the car park is no longer a mass of concrete storing vehicles but an efficient relay directed towards activity zones.

The decision to create a car park in an urban center is thus an important step in the policy-making of the city. The long term consequences of this step have to be analyzed in terms of the different town planning aspects: implementation of the land zoning plan, consequences on the existing parking, on the flow of pedestrians, vehicles and public transport. If these various issues are dealt with in agreement with the officers in charge of the public interest, obtaining the building permit will be facilitated. That is why DUPLIPARK is committed to working closely with you to define and design quality works. The welcoming appearance, the ease of access and the consistency of the users movements are items handled in each project.