The park & ride facilities are today at the core of the public transportation policies of cities. They allow an always-increasing number of users to reach the public transport stations and leave their vehicle there.

These car parks are characterized by a limited number of car movements (generally in the morning and in the evening) and by their low cost for the user.

These two characteristics direct the expansion solutions towards simple practical and user-friendly options that can be implemented even at night, with the best possible construction cost by space ratio.

Duplipark® offers a full range of multi-storey car parks developed with this objective, and we work together with international experts to bring innovative solutions with respect to the geometry of the car parks or to the ride schemes.

It is to be noted that the Park & Ride facilities are an important link for eco-mobility and the use of the Duplipark® decking systems allows a significant reduction in the materials used as well as an easy dismounting or recycling in the future.
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