The construction works of a car park often constitute a critical period for most of the economic players. The impossibility of using the existing spaces during the works leads to disruptions, which directly impact the business activities.

Our installation steps are simplified and allow continuous operation of the car park:

  • External works, eventual foundations and demarcation of the final spaces on the ground level
  • Installation of the frame shaped in the factory
  • Fitting of the flooring with a surface course layer and demarcation of parking spaces
  • Finishings with railings, stairs, lighting, signage and street lighting.

Our structures are installed in phases, specific to each site, where each section of the frame is executed separately. This allows to have only one part of the car park occupied each time, and to use the parking spaces on the ground level as soon as the frame is installed.

As an example, in the case of a 200-space car park, the duration of our site operations is limited to 2 months only, with 75% of the existing spaces available at all times.

Video of the installation of a duplipark®